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The Browser

The BROWSER provides you with access to the entire data base to allow you to repeatedly challenge yourself for up to 6 months.

The BROWSER provides access to each the 11 domains. It allows you to custom create an exam using all or any of the questions.  You can create a Sampler Exam, a Full Exam or any other variation you want to try. You can time limit yourself or take as much time as you like. This feature is fully customizable to meet your needs.

Other than materials copyrighted and/or published by the BCRSP (e.g. Guide to Registration, Examination Blueprint) the BCRSP does not have any involvement in the development, content or distribution of any courses or materials associated with preparing for the CRSPEX. The BCRSP does not endorse any preparatory course provider, nor does the BCRSP evaluate the providers or the providers’ material for consistency with the BCRSP’s Examination Blueprint, nor does the BCRSP benefit financially from any examination preparatory course.

Enrollment in an examination preparatory course is not a requirement for candidates submitting an application for the CRSP designation.

The BCRSP cannot warrant that completing a preparatory course will result in certification from the BCRSP. While the subject content has been chosen as representative of the knowledge required of an ohs&e generalist, the successful completion of the CRSPEX is dependent upon a combination of the applicant's academic background, ohs&e experience and individual preparation.

The Browser
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