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Reference Materials

All of the reference materials specified by BCRSP are available through The following documents can be purchased online:

1. Accident Theory:

No reference is provided. The material provided in the BCRSP Guide to Registration is all that is required.

2. Environmental Practices:

ISO 14001: Environmental Management Systems – Specification with Guidance for Use, International
Standards Organization $129.95 plus GST

ISO 14004: Environmental Management Systems – General Guidelines on Principles and Supporting
Techniques, International Standards Organization $129.95 plus GST

Canadian Environmental Protection Act, Government of Canada at

Fisheries Act, Government of Canada at

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act of Canada, Government at

3. Ergonomics:

Kroemer, K.H.E. and Grandjean, E. (1997) Fitting the Task to the Human,
5th Edition, Irwin Publishing, Toronto $218.91 plus GST

4. Fire Prevention and Protection:

Della-Giustina, D.E. (1999). The Fire Safety Management Handbook (second edition). Des Plaines,
Illinois: American Society of Safety Engineers. $164.93 plus GST

5. Health Promotion:

Dyck, Dianne: Disability Management: Theory, Strategy and Industry Practice.
Toronto, Butterworths, 2000. $142.50 plus GST

6. Law and Ethics:

Strahlendorf, P., Occupational Health and Safety Law:
Study Guide, Printed and Distributed by Ryerson University Book store. $85.17 plus GST

Dukelow, D.A. and B. Nurse, Pocket Dictionary of Canadian Law, 2nd Edition,
Thompson Canada, $129.95 plus GST
Scarborough, 1995.

7. Occupational Health and Safety and Environment Systems:

Bird, Frank E, and Germain George L. (1996). Practical Loss Control Leadership.
Revised Edition. Det Norske Veritas Inc.,
Loganville, Georgia. $157.50 plus GST

Hammer, Willie (1989). Occupational Safety Management
and Engineering, (4th Edition) Pentice Hall. $129.95 plus GST

Laing, Patricia (ed) (1992). Accident Prevention Manual for Business and Industry – Administration and Programs, (11th Edition), National Safety Council. $348.36 plus GST

8. Occupational Hygiene:

Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene, 5th Edition,
National Safety Council, Itasca, Ill. $361.25 plus GST

TLVs and BEIs – Threshold Limit Values for Chemical Substances and Physical Agents,
ACGIH (current Edition) $129.95 plus GST

9. Risk Management:

Environmental Health Risk Management: A Primer for Canadians,
Stephen McColl, John Hicks, Lorraine Craig and John Shortreed,
Network for Environmental Risk Assessment and Management,
Waterloo, Ontario, October 2002. $129.95 plus GST

Systems in Focus: Guidance on Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems.
Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. $129.95 plus GST

Workplace Health and Safety Risk Management: Advisory Standard 2000,
Workplace Health and Safety, Department of Energy, Training and Industrial Relations,
Queensland Government Australia. $129.95 plus GST

A Guide to Measuring Health and Safety Performance,
Health and Safety Executive, UK, December 2001 $129.95 plus GST

10. Safety Techniques and Technology

Accident Prevention Manuals for Business and Industry, Engineering and Technology,
12th Edition, National Safety Council. $348.36 plus GST

Accident Prevention Manuals for Business and Industry, Administration and Programs,
12th Edition, National Safety Council. $348.36 plus GST

11. Auditing

Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems Auditing, Gene Marie Shermatek, Paul MacLean, Peter Lineen, Lexis Nexis Canada Inc., 700-123 Commerce Valley Drive, Markham, ON. $142.50 plus GST